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It is true that you don't know what you have got until you have lost it and, on the 1st May 1994, the World lost its hero. I was only coming to grips with the enormity of the phenomenon that was Senna when he died and ever since his death, every time his name is mentioned or I remember his face, I just go numb and a sadness fills me, like a shadow of darkness creeping across my soul.

He captivated our sense of adventure and passion and romance in the sport of Formula One and did so whilst effortlessly leaving rivals in his wake. His pole position record, especially in his early F1 years leaves me in no doubt that he was the fastest ever, and essentially that is what all racing drivers yearn to be.

All F1 drivers are great drivers in their own way, some a little more than others but Senna was not of their mould. He was something far more nearer perfection.

And all this whilst being a humble, kind and generous man. All that I know is that God must have thought him too good to be a mere mortal and took him away.

'Blurring green, blue and yellow,
Never turned at Tamburello,
Formula One's saddest ever day,
Saw The Greatest Ever taken away'



I came across your website while looking for everything possible on Ayrton Senna. I don't know what's wrong with me but this year the first person and the last who appears in my thoughts at the beginning and end of every Formula One qualifying and race is Ayrton Senna. I can't believe that he's gone and that its going to be 10 years on May 1, 2004. I was only 5 went I saw his last race at Imola.

From the very first time I laid my eyes on him, he captivated me. The passion, hunger, patriotism and thirst for life. Just the phenomenon that he was. I never thought that there would be a day when this world would hear of this man as the "late" Ayrton Senna.

I never thought he could die. I never thought the fire would stop burning. It hasn't for me and never will. He lives in the memories of countless fans across the globe. He lives in the spirit of every race from now till eternity. But it doesn't make it any easier for anybody. So thank you Mr. Senna where ever you are. Thank you for giving me some of the most vivid memories of my life, for elation in your wins, sadness in your losses and for showing me that failure is never an option and for being the man that you were. Formula One and this world will never be the same without you. I miss you.


Well, as a F1 addict, I have to say that F1 will never be the same, and that is a fact that a real F1 addict knows from the bottom of his heart…

No need to express the feeling, there are not enough words to build a sentence that can say what kind of man Ayrton Senna da Silva was.

I haven't understood why? But I feel it… It's hunger! God took him from us… Formula One has lost a lot, but human kind has lost so much more. I'm not going to talk about victories or races because there is nothing to compare! I just want say how I feel after so many years of distance and pain… I still can't watch a F1 race till the end, there is no interest!

Ayrton Senna da Silva remains in our memories, time can't take him away. Wherever you are Ayrton be in peace…


Almost ten years since then, but unable to forget my great hero. I cried that morning in my office, I couldn't believe it. Devastated is the right word. Along the years I've learned to remember him in silence but just last week I attended a FIM seminar and I was surprised how many motorcycle fans and other sport people admire and regard him as the greatest driver of all times. It is also amazing how often you hear the name of Senna in ESPN or SPEED channels whenever Formula races are shown.

I believe Formula One changed that day forever, and never will be my beloved sport again. Other drivers may succeed, try to compare themselves with Ayrton and maybe set new records but never again another driver will bring that passion to the tracks.

Writing this message is for me a way to share some of my feelings (you know, nobody in my family shared my taste for speed sports, they say it is boring!!!) and to relieve some of the resident pain I feel every time I remember Ayrton, which is very frequently.

I have two books about Ayrton Senna and some times I found them while ordering my desk and I can't avoid to see the pictures and start remembering the great years at McLaren and Lotus. The moment I like the most is when he won his latest Brazilian GP, the way he screamed inside the car after the checkered flag, shoulders in pain, almost unable to raise the winner's trophy...

He gave me so much satisfactions and emotions, I will be forever grateful... God bless him...


I just watched Imola 94 for the first time since the race was broadcast. 10 years on I am sadder than I was when it happened because of what we missed. I want Ayrton to be retired from F1 now, after his 5th title, sitting on a beach or lounging at home, accorded the respect given Fangio, Moss, Stewart and other retired Champions. I wish he had the chance to step back from F1 and absorb everything he meant to race fans, but like Villeneuve, Clark, Rindt and other great drivers who never retired we remember his last lap, the last win and all the times he made the hair on our necks stand on end.


After 10 years of his death Senna still stirs up my emotions! I remember me and my dad in front of the TV every Sunday when a race was being broadcasted. It brings me so good memories, but also makes me remember that terrible Sunday, May 1st 1994, when we stood looking at the TV screen as they removed him from his car... no movements... no reaction...

Nobody knew what was going on for sure and that silence and doubt was terrible. The newsman couldn't hold back his tears as he announced that Senna was dead.

We couldn't believe that happening to our best sportsman, to the man who gave us so many happy times and made us feel proud of ourselves through him.

Now after 10 years we still love that slim figure wearing a big yellow helmet. As I write this I don't know why tears still fall from my eyes but I know time goes by.... but not memories, and Ayrton Senna da Silva, "Beco", always brought us good memories.

Rest in Peace!


Just wanted to say 'thank you' for helping to keep alive the memory of the greatest driver that F1 has ever seen,Ayrton Senna Da Silva.You can forget Mr M Schumacher for his cheating ways and the bias towards Rubens. Senna was the greatest. Michael only started to shine when Senna died. Mikka, Damon and JV all have one thing in common, all beat Schumacher but none could hold a candle to Senna. Michael is the best since, but in the words of Montoya 'Schumachers good, but he ain't no Senna!' Enough said!

Ayrton was my hero and even ten years on,it still seems like yesterday when he died,I still cry. People can say what they want about Williams, look at the real evidence and you'll only draw one conclusion. But it won't bring him back, so does that mean we can all turn a blind eye? No!

Lets not be biased because it's F1! And those who believe Williams' story, can I just say that if it was someone who you knew, what would you want to do about it? I rest my case, just give us justice for once!

Ayrton, thank you for being a role model and a great hero to me.You were not perfect but you were close my friend. I know that I'll meet you in heaven someday and my dad also. So it's not all tears, even though in being you've left us and gone, you'll always be with us for your memory lives on!

Thank you Ayrton, and to all of his fans worldwide, my tears are with you all.


Well I don't how to start and what to say, but the only think I know is that my very cherished IDOL is missing, I have seen Formula One since 1960 and when Ayrton debuted in 1984 for the Toleman team I started to pay attention to him. I thought that if a competitive team contracted him he could be the best one. In 1985 when he changed to Team Lotus he really gave me a surprise when he won the Portugal G.P. in very difficult conditions, because he wasn't in the top team, that was McLaren. In 1988 when he won the championship for drivers I cried because he was starting to be my IDOL. He really gave a lot to motor sport and particularly to F1, I miss a lot his yellow helmet. At a certain times I cry because I remember him in the track, and I'm sure that Schumacher will never be the best pilot in F1 because Senna is very far away in his driving style. Senna won his races and titles because of his talent and on the other side Schumacher has won his races and titles because of the car and his engineers. So Schumacher may be the best pilot in numbers but in driving style, talent, and speed, Senna is the best one in F1.
My particular 10 best drivers are the following:

1) Ayrton Senna
2) Alain Prost
3) Jim Clark
4) Jackie Stewart
5) Niki Lauda
6) Nigel Mansell
7) Nelson Piquet
8) Alan Jones
9) Graham Hill
10) Emerson Fittipaldi


Almost 10 years ago, but it seems like yesterday. I have met Ayrton twice in Hockenheim where we had a small talk about my performance. I was 22 at the time racing for a Dutch Opel-Lotus team. Despite his advice, I never made it. But it was and still is a great honour to meet the best driver ever.

People come and go - Ayrton stays!


Ayrton Senna was, is and will be the greatest driver ever in the sport of F1. I hope that his soul rests in peace. I have never seen a driver better than Senna. Both the arrogance and patience with which he carried out things on the track show his incredible want for more and more victories for his team. There is no better team man than Ayrton Senna. He is an icon not only in Brazil but for the whole world. No driver of today, the Schumachers, the Montoyas, the Hakkinens, the Raikkonens, can even come half way closer to where Senna reached in the hearts of millions of formula1 fans from around the world.

I sincerely wish that he is born again, if not for the sport, at least for the fans.


Well, coming up to 10 years since the tragic death of the greatest racing driver the world has ever seen...and still I remain so angry about the Williams cover up and the years we have missed the surely titanic battles that might have been waged between Ayrton and Michael.

I clearly remember seeing Williams mechanics removing something from that car whilst the wreckage was on the low loader. Suspicious behaviour indeed....

Anyway, too late for maybe's now, I just hope they can live with themselves.

Rest in peace Ayrton...you are still sorely missed.


As an Argentinian fan of Senna, I have to tell that he was the greatest driver I ever seen. I'm young so I couldn't see Fangio running, but Fangio once told that Senna has magic in his driving.

He was a great man, not only a driver, he drove the cars with his heart and F1 is never going be the same without him. I will miss his wins, but I know he is resting in peace in heaven, because I repeat, he was a great man.

Sorry about my poor English.
Greetings to all Senna fans!!!

Senna FOREVER!!!!


This is Jai from India..
It's extremely difficult to replace Senna in any way, he's the best driver of all time. I've heard a lot of people talk about Michael Schumacher these days, I feel Michael has not even 1/10th of Senna's abilities. We find people here with current generation winners considered as the stars of all time, that's how the world goes.

A true F1 fan knows what Senna's ability was.

Ayrton Senna was truly a 'Fearless Warrior & Wizard of Speed'.

Just visited your site for Ayrton Senna da Silva. I was so moved to see so much LOVE for the BEST F1 Driver ever. Schumacher is good but never as good, as Ayrton Senna. The Yellow Helmet is gone but in our Hearts he will always be the KING F1 Driver. F1 just isn't the same anymore without him. The LEGEND Ayrton Senna da Silva


Since the start of my passion for motorsport began in my teens I have been a devoted fan to the WRC. I can honestly say that today I don't even know who the current World Champ is in the sport, the reason for that is because, fortunately, a good friend of mine made me watch a Grand Prix one evening and since then I haven't looked back! I've been backing the Williams team for only two seasons now and am looking forward to my first live Grand Prix.

The true reason for my letter is to comment on the life and trials of your great hero Ayrton Senna... Until spending the last few hours on this Web site I knew nothing of the man except from the odd time it was mentioned on the limited coverage we receive here in NZ. When I asked fellow F1 fans who Senna was the mood always turned dismal, hence my reasons for my own research. After learning of his triumphs and ultimately his fate I am left with an empty feeling being that I missed out on experiencing the career of, supposedly, the greatest driver ever seen and watching his rise to glory. But on the other hand I'm humbled by reading the comments made by his passionate supporters and fans from every corner of the world and the emotion in their letters and can't help thinking that the people that have known and followed Senna's life and career are some of the luckiest people alive and I'm just blown away at the thought of it all.

In a way I now feel privileged to know of such a great man, but call me silly, for I feel I have missed out as I shall never feel the pain many of Senna's fans feel today.


Hello from the United States:

My name is Sean and I am a tremendous Ayrton Senna fan. I've been watching the CINECA video of Senna's accident as well as the pictures and several things come to mind that maybe have been addressed before or maybe perhaps just disregarded as irrelevant. The first being, that it would have been very easy to test what mechanical piece killed Ayrton based upon simple forensic tests of the mechanical pieces. The part of the wheel with the attached suspension for example should and can be very easily tested to see if it shows positive for contact with the driver. So why hasn't anyone conducted these tests?

Ten years later, there shouldn't be any question of what exactly hit his helmet. Obviously the parts now belong to Williams and I am sure they are highly unlikely to disclose the car to tests. The second problem is of course the steering wheel travel. I don' think there is an engineer on the planet who would allow that much "play" in a highly sensitive piece of machinery that travels 200 plus mph. And, what driver would bother getting into a car that does that? With the exception of Mr. Coulthard who couldn't possibly say anything negative about the car at the time since he was employed by Williams in the first place. Watching the video from Schumacher's car, you can see where the car keeps a straight trajectory as if something broke and watching Senna's yellow helmet at that moment, you can see where he was looking down to see what happened. There is no movement at all of the car as it travels in a straight line toward the wall of Tamburello. If it's this obvious to me, why isn't it made public so this can be brought out. I guess like you, I am anxious to know the truth and know that someone out there certainly knows what happened and there is indeed a missing part of that tape showing the impact. But who has it? That's the problem.

Well, with Senna's 10th Anniversary fast approaching, it's about time the world has some answers.

Thank you for letting me vent some of my frustrations. Your site is very good but like you, wish you never needed it. Also, is there anyone we can contact to do a documentary on Senna so that this new generation knows what he was like? I'm sure that would do great things for Formula One in the United States.


I just wanted to say that Senna was and will always be in our hearts. I still remember the day of the accident, and the terrible pain I felt in my heart. I was just 13 and I have never prayed in my entire life but that day I was whispering prayers hoping that he would survive. I was so devastated when I found out that he was gone forever. For months I was crying everyday for him but nothing could help anymore, because he is irreplaceable. I hope that he is in a better place now and that he is still spreading his enormous love to us.

Ayrton, you will always be in my heart


Hi! I am from Finland

It will be 10 years since Ayrton Senna Da Silva was killed in Imola, then one of the fastest circuits on earth. I remember the day when the "European" series of F1 began after the Brazilian and Pacific races. Senna had just joined the Williams team after his successful years at McLaren. However, Schumacher won those rounds easily from Senna and to my point of view, it had a painful effect on Senna. Nevertheless, he decided to race in spite of his friend Rubens Barrichello´s accident, and not to mention, the fatal accident of Ratzenberger.

After five laps, I noticed that Senna's car was 'smashing' through the bumps of the track. Then the car started to move towards the barrier at 192 mph. There was no time for Senna to do anything else but brake and HARD! He was seriously impaired after the crash.

Senna, nobody will ever forget you! Even though Schumacher has conquered six championships, you are still the best!


Tonight I saw a documentary on television referring to Senna's accident. It's a disgrace to see after almost ten years, still the media produce deliberately deceptive evidence! The footage shows computer simulation images claiming that, the car left the track due to the down-force problem! Especially after the safety car had been earlier on, and the tires were cold and so on! Senna knew exactly the state of his car every second when he was inside. Better than anybody else. That much is clear! Also is very clear the car left the track because of mechanical failure, that much is understood.

Shame on those who try to cover the truth, including some F1 drivers at the time (I'll not mention any names, they are not worthy of it) sacrificing their dignity by saying Senna lost it! Those who try to prevent the truth of Ayrton's accident, simply don't have the quality of being worthy of esteem and respect!

We don't say Senna was the best. We say Senna is the BEST because nothing compares to him. The best F1 driver of all times.

A dedicated F1 follower


I know every letter starts off almost the same, every body saying their version of what happened, people can only put together the bits and pieces, only Senna knows what really happened. Formula 1 drivers suffer from close eye, eyes fixed on the next couple of meters the next move, Senna planned the next lap, the next win, he probably wouldn't remember the moment before the crash, he had already planned meters ahead, he wouldn't of planned to try and control the loss of control, control of the car. All I know is that the steering column had been cut and re-welded to suit his comfort in the cockpit, and that the column came to bits in his hands before fate came to him and he wouldn't of even been thinking of that happening. How can you when you are approaching what is to be your fate at 186 mph, now did the weld snap on impact or before impact or before. Because if the steering came apart in his hands then people will say before, but some people reckon after, see all we can do is put together the bits and pieces, he was the greatest driver ever to have driven in Formula 1, that's one thing we all know for definite.

On the day of Senna's death I had actually been to the Williams base for a private invite to look around in Didcot Oxfordshire (now Grove Oxfordshire half mile down the road from me, next to where I work) it was quiet, a very nice place, I felt surrounded by legends, Mansell, Prost, Rosberg and Senna, the one who had been there the least but made me feel happy to be able to know I would then go back home afterwards and watch that man when I had just been stood next to his car in the Williams museum that morning. I was with my family, I was only 8 years old, looking in the cockpit, the controls, THE STEERING.

That same day I went back there after the race to lay flowers at the gates of the entrance to the base. I then felt strange, I didn't say a word in 2 or 3 days, I felt down and very sad, I took a while to understand, all I can say is that I expect Damon Hill was being careful of his car that afternoon. Nothing lasts forever, the good die young. Senna was and still is a legend. I never thought I'd feel the same about watching the racing, but I did, I love F1 and Senna is missed from that starting grid. No one can replace him or ever will, Senna was Formula 1 for me and still is, no one will drive that McLaren or Williams like he did, he was a true and is a true champion and his legend will live forever in Formula 1....S e n n a...


My name is Jason I am 19 years old and a complete Formula 1 enthusiast, I will always remember the very first grand Prix I watched live was with my father back in 1989 when Nigel Mansell won his first race for Ferrari in Rio de Janeiro. Since then I have always followed Formula 1 and my all time favourite racing driver was and still is Ayrton Senna followed by Mansell. To see the greatest racing driver of all time race for 5 years is a great privilege I will always treasure for the rest of my life, if only I could have seen his whole career because for me that kind of talent, skill, and style of driving will never be repeated or seen again, The only driver that comes close to this style of driving for me now is Juan Pablo Montoya.

I will always remember where I was on the 1st of May 1994. Watching my father racing at an Autograss meeting thinking to myself that in 2 years time I will be racing, I couldn't wait. After the days racing my father and myself went home to watch the highlights of the San Marino Grand Prix, as soon as we stepped through the door my mother said to us that Senna was dead. I went up to my bedroom in a state of disbelief and shock that Ayrton was actually dead, If it could happen to him it could happen to anybody. For me the greatest piece of driving from Ayrton was the last few laps round Monaco keeping Nigel Mansell at bay to the end of the race. A faultless piece of driving by him as always as well as Mansell.


No matter what anybody says about Michael Schumacher and the records he has broken he will never touch, let alone be on the same level as Ayrton. The man is a God and may he never be forgotten. Even now I still mourn and cry over his loss.

Being a racing driver myself I can only dream of such success and style of driving. I have the same attitude as Senna did, 2nd is just not good enough and although I've been successful in my career it doesn't feel quite the same without him.

We miss you Ayrton you will forever be in my heart and I shall never forget you.

May you rest in peace. Ayrton Senna da Silva saudade.


Thanks for your site, I'm French and I always was a fan of Ayrton, for lot of reasons everyone can understand now. We always miss him, and nothing can replace him in F1 and in our hearts. But I think it's very important for us and for his memory we know the truth about his death and men living assume their mistakes. It is a good thing the Court of Cassazione in Italia annulled the previous verdict of "not guilty". No one can believe the reasons Williams team gave about this accident. So I hope justice goes on. Thanks Ayrton for all the joy you gave us, I was so sad to see Schumacher win championships, but only because you are very busy in another world with your God... It is the first year that I watch a F1 race, and I hope Juan Pablo Montoya can stop this sadness.


It is so nice to read so many lives touched by a great human being as Ayrton Senna. F1 will never be the same after his departure. I completely agree with the fan that wrote that it was really strange the fact that Schumacher had won after his [Senna's] death and after his own mothers death, hours before. So MS can win all the races, break all the records, but he will never reach Ayrton and his greatness, his soul, his charisma.

There will never be another driver like him and I am not from Brazil. Ayrton will always be Magic!

Diana from Ecuador

Yesterday I was able to watch a complete race on TV since 1994 (9 years) for the first time. Although the Spanish driver Alonso performed excellent, there is still a big difference between Excellent and Magic! I will never forget Senna's 5th to 1st in one lap at Donington and, of course, his challenges to himself for the pole position for years, so many years.

Ayrton, you live in my heart.


My English is not that good but this is what my heart has to say:

I still know 1 May 1994. I was 11 years old and I was watching Formula 1. Seventh lap, my hero crashed and I was so scared I was crying and didn't know what to do. I was shaking and holding my breath watching him lying on the ground. Almost 4 hours later I heard the news, Ayrton Senna is dead. I couldn't believe it and I couldn't stop crying. At night I could not sleep and still I am lying awake when I think of it.

Every year, I remember him. From 1 May until 5 May it's Senna in my life. Every year I watch a video of him and last year I bought a CD of him - A Tribute to Ayrton Senna, a music documentary. I listen to it every day from 1 May until 5 May and for the rest of the year I won't listen to it.

I am Dutch but above my bed there's a big Brazilian flag and on the other side of the room I have Ayrton Senna in a frame. I look at him every day and thank him for everything he gave me.

Nothing lasts forever
But some things end too soon
Now those fields of fascination
Are just dull and empty rooms
But oh, that look what did it show
Close the book, now we will never know
Saudade, Saudade


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