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ayrton senna LetterSfile #04

I was a great fan of motor racing from a very early age, and needless to say I was a huge fan of Ayrton Senna da Silva. His death came to me as such a shock I still find it difficult to believe. I was so convinced that Senna was invincible. He was the best. I miss him terribly although I never knew him.

It means a lot to me when I see from the 'Net that Ayrton Senna is still at the forefront of many people's minds. I wasn't alone in my mourning on the 1st May 1994 and it is reassuring to know that I am still not.

He is still always there at the back of my mind. His spirit still lives on but his loss can never be lessened.


ayrton senna

I started watching F1 at the age of 16 in 1995. By that time Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger had passed away, and with them it seemed the excitement of F1 left as well. The rules regarding circuit and car design and safety were drastically altered. I believe that instead of adding chicanes at Tamburello and Villeneuve, the run-off area should have been greatly increased. However I think that the circuit was altered also as a mark of respect for the two drivers as well as safety reasons. I say this because circuits such as Spa and Suzuka still retain dangerous bends such as the Eau Rouge dip and 130R respectively and because Ayrton's injuries were sustained by the right front tyre or a suspension part and not the actual collision.

My viewing of F1 began when overtaking had become a thing of the past, the excitement of F1 has been dampened down drastically because of this. I have missed out on a era of excitement others have enjoyed, the great battles between Senna and Prost and Senna and Mansell.



May 1, a day to remember Ayrton Senna. Five years ago but nothing changes. Senna fans will never change. Senna is still the best! Am I right?


I live in Imola, I'm 'Imolese' and I listened to the helicopter flying over my head on 1 May 1994... I saw the death of the best driver in the world on the TV ... Every year I go to see Senna... I see him in the photos that his fans left on the walls around the circuit... I see him in the poetry near his name... I talk to him, to his statue... Senna was great in life and remains great in death because he died like a hero, like a prophet...

When he was alive a lot of people worked for him, for his car. Now all these people probably can't work 'cause a car had a problem and a great man didn't know it. Maybe someone killed him but I'm sure that he's not sad, he lived for the driving and he died driving. The racing was in his blood and he gave his blood for the race. Maybe now he's reading this and he's smiling... Nothing is sure, only the one thing:




I know that Ayrton Senna's accident has been regurgitated too many times to mention, but I have always seen it this way:

As Senna's car approached 200mph through Tamburello, something went terribly wrong. A sudden veer to the right, as could be seen from Schumacher's in-car video, and Ayrton's Williams-Renault headed straight off the track. There were no brake marks, but telemetry later showed that in less than 1 second, he managed to slow his car down to around 135mph before crashing into the retaining wall. In my opinion I find it strange that Senna's in-car video cuts off just before he actually leaves the track.

Having viewed the 'Official 1994 FIA Review' video many times, it seems to me that Ayrton knew something was wrong with his car. In the left mirror you can clearly SEE his helmet going down and to the left. You can also clearly HEAR him lifting off the gas just before the video stops.

Over the past 5 years there has been so much speculation as to exactly what happened. We might never know. The 'Trial' has long since ended but we still have no answers. I don't know Italian law and whether the Trial was morally right or wrong, but I do know this:

All concerned owe Ayrton Senna, his family and all us fans the utmost co-operation in trying to find out what happened. This is racing and accidents do occur. Drivers and machines are pushed to the absolute limit. It is obvious nobody set out to kill Ayrton Senna, but if someone made a mistake, it should not take 5 years to find it. The FIA, as governing body should have worried less about reputation and money and done the utmost in trying to solve the cause of this accident. Most of us don't believe that they did, mainly because it has taken so long. If it weren't for all us fans, where would they be! We all understand the reason and need for safety, but no matter what precautions are taken, accidents still happen. That is why it's imperative to find the cause immediately.

To Ayrton's family: Our strength and sorrow for his loss.

To Ayrton himself: The utmost respect and thanks for his dedication to and mastering of the sport. You have and always will be missed.

"Magic" has left the building ...


The best driver I have ever seen! When I saw Senna, in 1993, driving a McLaren-Ford V8 almost take the championship from Prost, driving a Williams-Renault V10, and finish second in the World Championship I knew that Senna was the one. Senna was the outcast, out performing any driver on the track. Only Prost was able to win from Senna and when he retired no one was left.

The World Champions Schumacher, Hill, Villeneuve and Hakkinen will never be the best. They became World Champions only because they were driving in one of the best cars on the track (Benetton-Ford Zetec V10, Williams-Renault V10 and McLaren-Mercedes V10). That someone almost won a Championship with one of the slowest cars on the track won't ever happen again because Ayrton Senna crashed and died.

I will never forget how good he was and I will always remember him as one of the world's greatest Legends.


I have just read some of the email regarding Senna's crash. I have just one question, despite all the speculation, when are we going to get an honest and 'poignant' answer? I am so pleased to learn that so many fans out there all over this world are striving for the same answer. It is thanks to sites like this that we can keep in constant touch with Senna.


I am from Belgium. I was a very great fan of Ayrton Senna. I met him once in Spa Francorchamps and he was very friendly to me when I spoke to him. Formula One will never be the same again now that Ayrton Senna has gone.


Senna is the Champion of the Champions!


5 years has passed since Ayrton Senna's death on May 1 1994. It seems like only yesterday that the accident occurred.

Senna was the best and the most fantastic F1 driver in history. His incredible talent, majestically driving his car, gave to all Brazilian people, on Sunday mornings, moments of joy, emotion, and above everything, moments of pride when seeing the Brazilian flag at its highest on the podium.

But, Senna was not only a winner because of his talent. Senna was a winner for loving his country and his people above everything. A suffering people, with few moments of joy, that on Sunday mornings woke up early to see Senna bring a little happiness. When the terrible accident happened, taking the life of the best pilot in Formula One history, and the symbol of a nation, all these people appeared in the streets to pay him a final homage and to thank him for the good memories that they held of the past Sundays.

Now, 5 years later, still there is an emptiness in the hearts of the Brazilian people, as if we have lost a relative, a close friend. Now, on those Sunday mornings, when we turn on the television, we feel an emptiness on the grid, and above everything, we feel the lack of his red and white car on the track, passing all, as if there were no obstacles.

Senna wherever you are, you know you never leave our hearts, and that you will always be alive in our minds and in our memories for the great moments of happiness that you brought to us.

Senna ... Thank You


May 1 1994, the world lost the best racing driver of the universe, of all times, a great human being. I will never forget him as long as I live.


Everybody not involved with risking something will recognise that the car broke down in his hands at Tamburello. Schumacher and Hakkinen would not be Champions had Ayrton Senna lived, and had he decided to go on. They are but pitiful buffoons compared to Ayrton, as a Champion and as a person.


I live in Paris and I'm a Senna fan since 1990. I have supported him since 1988, but the race of Spa in 1990 made he like him more and more. I wrote him a letter and he replied, I thought he had typed this letter but now I think it had just been typed by his fan club. Anyway, the fact is that I have an autographed picture of him.

The job you are doing is really wonderful. People must understand that he's the best for ever. Some guys still think that Schumacher or Hakkinen are Senna's successors, but of course that is not true. Nobody can do the job that Senna did. Formula One has really changed since his death. It is becoming more and more boring to see those races where nothing is happening.

I really miss him. As millions of people around the planet.


I wanted to thank you for producing your Website to honour the greatest racing driver we will ever know. I feel privileged to have been alive to witness Ayrton at his best and these memories will never leave my mind. Unfortunately until this day my heart is still heavy with grief at the sight of my legends accident, and I have lost much of the passion for F1 since.


u/d 1999/05/06

Ayrton Senna forever! Senna will never die. He is in the minds of all racers around the world!


Ayrton Senna was and is the greatest race driver ever! If he was still alive Schumacher and Hakkinen would not be world champions. Senna we miss you forever! You are alive in our hearts forever too! And we don't forget Roland Ratzenberger!


When I think of Ayrton Senna I am filled not with a feeling of loss, but rather one of thanks. For his is a soul old and wise who visited us for a brief yet brilliant time. For this I am thankful.


I am very impressed by the quality of your site dedicated to Ayrton Senna and his death. I have been an Ayrton fan ever since he appeared in motor sport and I must confess that the first thing I liked about him was his name! This was before he became such an incredible F1 driver.

Since then he was part of my life and still is. I remember May 1 1994 as the most tragic day in my life so far. The English language is not my mother tongue and because of this I cannot express how deeply I am touched by his death.


Some time ago I read that the reason the lid of Ayrton's coffin stayed closed during the homage ceremony on the day prior to his funeral was at the request of Senna's family, the injuries to his face and skull being so severe. This surprised me for in July 1994 a German magazine published a horrific picture of Ayrton's face as he was carried to the helicopter. You could see clearly by the grey colour of it that he was near dying but the supposed deadly injury above his right eyebrow was no larger than 2cm and was surely not looking like a grave injury. More like a little cut by a knife than a violent 'attack' by a suspension part.

Does anyone know what I am referring to, have you seen the same picture? Maybe someone could pass the picture through to this site and then you'll all know what I mean! So I'll ask again: Why was the lid of Senna's coffin closed?

I still miss Ayrton today in 1999. Not so much as a driver, but far more as a person, someone to look up to. He was a true soul companion of me somehow, although I never met him. Formula 1 will maybe someday have another driver of his stature, but a human being like Ayrton Senna is unlikely to emerge there again.

Thanks S-files for 'caring and sharing' for us fans. Something to be proud of.


When I saw the crash I was horrified and knew something went tragically wrong. I would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this site and helping me find out what happened to Ayrton Senna. I think it's good that someone is trying to keep his name alive and well.


It was the night of my 21st birthday when I sat down to watch Ayrton start his true challenge of the 1994 championship. What happened afterwards still brings tears to my eyes. Now on my birthday I not only celebrate my own life but the death of one of the world's greatest drivers. Senna may be gone but he will never be forgotten.


We all have thought long and hard about the accident, but recently I watched the 'split-screen' video. When watched with the telemetry you can see that the lateral G's go from 3.09 to close to zero, this causes Senna's head to go to the left. If you watch the view from Schumacher's car there is a large spark at the right rear of Senna's Williams. This means the chassis bottomed out and unweighted the rear, which anyone in F1 will tell you is enough to lose the mechanical grip. When the rear goes out to the right any drivers' instinct is to turn the wheel to the right. You see the same type of action in any Indycar race on an oval when a car goes into the wall. Remember that Senna took on extra fuel to make it a two stop race.

I think the trial only succeeded in suppressing everyone in F1 from coming out with true opinions. As usual, people get too fixed on how he died, instead of spreading the truth about how he lived and what he stood for.


Ayrton Senna meant a lot to many motor racing fans. This site gives us an image of what really happened that day. Keep up the good work and one day we might find out. Good Luck!


I'm 26 today and I was a fan of Ayrton Senna since he was driving with Lotus. His sponsor was JPS (John Player Special's) and my initials are the same. I was a little boy watching the black car with the yellow-fluo driver (helmet). Ayrton was a kind of role model for me, but since that day of May '94 I have lost my lust for F1 and a little 'fighting spirit & spirituality' in the rest of my life.


There exists a video clip of the great Senna entering a long sweeping right hander at Suzuka around 1990ish where he lost control, on his own admission, partly because he was steering with one hand and changing gear with the other (no paddles back then). I invite you to view how different this crash looks to the fatal Imola accident. At Imola the car swerves much more violently and alarmingly.

I have watched motor sport all my life and in my opinion the ONLY reason that the accident could have occurred is a sudden loss of balance in the corner caused by either driveshaft failure or column failure. No other explanation stacks up. I wager that if it were possible to send a dummy around the old Imola track in a F1 car and, at the point where Ayrton lost control, instruct it to let go of the steering wheel the effect would be identical to the original accident itself.

Long live the memory of Ayrton Senna da Silva and let us remember that the entertainment he provided was legendary. Not least at Monte Carlo in his FIRST season when he should have won but the race was stopped because the rain was so bad that Ayrton was the only driver who could handle it!


My heartfelt thanks to the one who brought me and so many others happiness with his life and talents. The spirit of Senna will live forever. Thank you ASDS!


Since I was a little boy, around 6 or 7 years old, I watched Senna on the TV. I saw him in 1992 and 1993, knowing that his McLaren-Honda in 1992 and the McLaren-Ford in 1993 couldn't possibly match the speed of the Williams'. What I still can remember damn good, is that Senna struggled to keep up with Alain Prost in 1993, but every lap the gap just got bigger and bigger. I didn't see much of the 1994 season, also not his crash at the moment itself. I saw it later on videotape and a second time on this site. Although I am only thirteen years old now, I know enough about Formula One to know that Senna did NOT make an error. To me it is no mystery what happened on May 1 1994. I think Williams gave him a car which wasn't in good shape. I have spoken.


u/d 1999/03/25

Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna forever! Ayrton lives everyday in my heart! He was the real champion. From one of the greatest Ayrton Senna Fans in Austria.


For all Formula One fans, old and young, no-one will ever replace Ayrton Senna. Not Hill, not Coulthard, not even Schumacher. Ayrton was one in a million - an honourable man in an accusing world.

Soon it will be May 1 and five years since the day that everyone wants to forget. For me and many others, Ayrton is one of the seven wonders of the world. The man was a wonder on himself and no amount of words could begin to explain why. He is sadly missed.

To all those devoted Senna fans out there - never forget Ayrton. Keep his memory with you always.


May I congratulate you on your exceptional site dedicated to the late, great Ayrton Senna da Silva. The tears, memories and disbelief are as strong as ever for at the 1994 San Marino GP I lost my hero. The ability and self belief displayed by this great man has stayed with me throughout my life. I feel privileged to have viewed some of the most amazing Formula 1 drives ever such as the European GP at Donington in 1993. Formula One and especially Monaco will never be the same.

Ayrton Senna touched mine and many other's lives especially with his charity work that continues today with the Foundation that bears his name. So many voids are now left in motor racing and so many questions left unanswered.

Thank you Ayrton Senna for so many memories and lessons, I still miss you. Where do we go from here for justice?


Missing you Senna! :"(

Well, there's not much to be said now... except that I am a SENNA fan since I was 4 years old. Now I am 18. Damn I miss him a lot, I was never the same since May 1...


I was just watching this site and I must say it, I had never been an Ayrton Senna fan. But that horrible day I just understand that with Ayrton Senna's death and with the departure of Alain Prost, F1 has gone to another level. We are starting a new era, because these two men were the complete image and essence of racing. May 1 was one of the saddest days of my life.


I'd just like to say that your site is fantastic. I actually learned what really happened to Ayrton on that tragic day. I admire him even more now. I agree that we shouldn't blame anyone for his death, nobody wanted it. However, vital information has disappeared and there must be a reason for it. Somebody is trying to hide something which would make a lot of noise. I feel that the Imola weekend was a mistake from the start. A driver escapes death in hospital on Friday, another dies on Saturday. Under these circumstances the race should never have taken place. Something was wrong and everyone knew it.

To speak of the future, it's true we should not spend our lives crying over Ayrton's death but no F1 driver since has given us (me at least) any of the emotions and happiness that Ayrton did. I think the excitement of the sport has gone too. Overtaking has disappeared, replaced by strategy which is a big mistake. F1 is about battles on the track, not about who can read the rule book to his benefit.

Senna was truly the best but I think a young talent with capabilities not to far lower than his can be found.


As a F1 racing fan I have followed Ayrton Senna's career for 5 years. I believe that he was the greatest driver of any generation. His sudden death was a massive loss to Formula 1. I shall surely miss the Yellow Helmet.


Death of a Legend - Ayrton Senna.

To this day I still miss him.

Although I didn't know him as an individual off the race circuit,
Although I was: Just another book to sign
My photo of Ayrton and myself together (my arm round his shoulder) like a couple of 'pals' holiday photo, I will treasure it until the day I die.


u/d 1999/01/27

Ten years since Ayrton Senna's first Championship. Tina Turner was right - he WAS "Simply the Best".


I have visited your page about Ayrton Senna and I can say that it is the best designed Senna site. I am a fan of Senna's from Turkey and I am a go-kart racer here.


Unfortunately I have missed the years of Ayrton Senna in F1 because when I became interested in the sport, he was no longer with us. But your Tribute pages to Senna moved me very deep, more than words can express.

I suddenly feel the big loss of Ayrton Senna, as if it happened only yesterday. Thank you for giving all this information to the fans. It is good to hear the truth for a change. Keep up your brilliant work.


Fantastic, is the only word I can say to this site. Ayrton Senna is still in our minds and missed by millions of race fans. Thanks to you Ayrton still stays in our life.

Racing was in his blood!


I found your Web site whilst surfing for Ayrton Senna related items. It provides a sombre reminder of the tragedy which I will never forget as long as I live. For me Formula One died on that day in 1994. I continue to follow Formula One but it is definitely the post-Senna era.


I just want to say keep up the good work with your Web site. As a Senna fan I'm delighted to find this site and speechless after seeing some evidence pictures.


Excellent site. I am a big fan of Ayrton Senna and also Eddie Irvine. The camera footage is very interesting but it is a pity it couldn't have gone on a bit longer to see exactly 'what happened'.


Ayrton Senna Cover-Up?

There are people out there that must know the exact truth to what occurred May 1 1994. The missing 2 seconds from the on-board camera before the impact. The missing data from the 'damaged' Black box which was situated 'behind' the driver, preventing it from any substantial damage. The obvious shift in Senna's head to the left, suggesting his efforts to turn the steering wheel to the left and the car not responding.

The tire marks before the impact reducing his speed from 192mph to 145mph proving Senna's consciousness before impact. The heart rate increase to 208bpm right before impact.

All these things suggest an obvious conclusion: Senna's car refused to turn in a critical moment that sent him flying into a run-off area that was too small for a 192mph turn. The missing evidence and the fact that 1994 F1 technology prevents in any circumstances for a steering wheel to 'break'...

Legal recriminations force us to cut this section. - Ed.

... May the truth someday prevail - I trust in a higher JUSTICE.


u/d 1998/12/12

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