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Ayrton Senna: His eyes and his smile are still in our hearts and will be there forever... All my love and respect for the driver and the MAN.


Today is the 9th anniversary of Ayrton's death. It is a sad day for Brazilians like me and for all the fans of Formula 1. It took me 4 years to be able to watch a race again after Ayrton's accident and it was never the same. And I have been a Formula 1 fan since 1978.

I still remember how he drove in Monaco in the middle of a thunderstorm with his Toleman. He should have won the race, but officials decided to suspend it when he was about to pass Alain Prost. I remember his first victory driving a Lotus in Estoril... a perfect race. I remember when he won in Sao Paulo and the crowd literally carried him on their shoulders. I am sure that was the highest point of his career.

I still remember the way he conquered his four championships despite Jean-Marie Balestre deciding to hand one of them to Alain Prost. Our Sundays were never the same after his departure. I still remember when I turned on the TV on that Sunday morning and listened to the astonished TV announcer saying that Senna was injured. He could hardly control his tears, just as millions of people around the world. The image of Ayrton being assisted by the medical crew is still in my mind. I went to a soccer stadium one week later in Brazil and the crowd chanted "Senna, Senna..." for 15 minutes. Many were crying.

Ayrton was not just a great driver. He had passion. He was generous and knew exactly his role in this world: to bring joy to all racing fans... And to make many poor Brazilian families happier.

The purpose of this e-mail is not to compare Senna to any driver because he is beyond them all. But for those who think Schumacher is the greatest, I would say two things:

1) I still remember Schumacher celebrating his victory in San Marino after Senna's death. Strange behaviour, to say the least.

2) The fact that Schumacher won the last race in San Marino after his mother's death does not surprise me. That's what he learned to do: to drive well and to ignore emotions. Schumacher will never be close to what Senna was.

Glory days when Senna was still alive. Formula 1 will never be the same. Neither will many of us.


It will be nearly nine years since the tragic passing of the best Formula 1 driver of our generation - Ayrton Senna da Silva! I have been watching F1 since I was nine years old and believe F1 hasn't been and never will be the same. The era and rivalries of Senna, Mansell, Prost, Piquet, etc. will be awfully difficult to replace, if at all. While times change and new, talented drivers emerge from all over the world, (as Juan Pablo Montoya, Kimi Raikkonen, etc.) we must not forget Ayrton Senna --- who not only was a true racing champion, but also THE ambassador to F1.

Ayrton Senna was to motor racing what Pele was to soccer. (It's just a coincidence that they are both Brazilian.) I, with probably many others around the world, would if we could, turn back the hands of time on that dreadful day on 1 May 1994. Unfortunately, nothing will bring Ayrton back. Nobody will top Senna's achievements, not even M Schumacher, who is a great driver, but does not come close to Senna's ability and dynamics.

Let us pay homage to the best of all time -- Ayrton Senna da Silva. There will never be anyone like him again.


I was just thinking on the good/bad things that happened today and I remembered we're one day short of the worst 'anniversary' day ever. I still get the tears in my eyes, whenever I think of him - but I wouldn't want it any different. Time goes by ... but not the memory ... it's still everywhere inside. And it's also in my son's name ...

I felt like going on the Net, to distract, to relive, and entered the Web site. And I just felt like talking ...


Thanks for a brilliant site - it is nice to know that in today's fast moving world some of us still stop and think for a while - we still remember ... I cannot believe that 9 years have passed since Ayrton died. I was sitting at work today making appointments in my manager's diary and just as my eye caught the date 1st May 2003 my heart skipped a beat or two and I instantly felt sad. My hero is no more and I miss him.

I sometimes ruefully smile to myself when I see the state F1 is in today - I am still a fan - Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher at Ferrari are who I support nowadays - but I guess a little less fervently than I used to support Ayrton. I often catch myself during a race thinking I wonder what Ayrton would have to say about this or that! To all my fellow Ayrton Senna da Silva fans and to this administrators of this site - thanks for keeping his memory alive.

Ayrton: "I hope you are at peace with your God - we miss you".


Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today, it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I have made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I walked. Which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above...

In memory of Ayrton Senna 1994-2003 Always in my heart.

Ivan from Croatia

My name is Mili I live in Montenegro ex Yugoslavia. Here I am today working in my office and remembering this day 9 years ago, it was the saddest day of my life. My hero was dead and never to be seen again waving his Brazilian flag, tragic, sad, a catastrophe!

Although years pass so fast that one can hardly keep up with the memories of the past time, my memory of Ayrton Senna is still here alive and real. So I would like today to pay him a tribute in remembrance of his life and all the joy that he gave to all of us, devoted fans.

"I know that you are resting now in God's arms away from the pain and sufferance's of this world, may your soul be surrounded by the peace and harmony of heaven." Always in my heart!


I just wanted to say that as a Brazilian citizen I still wait for another super-hero. Unfortunately my country has never shown another magical sportsman to the world as Ayrton Senna da Silva, o BECO". As a F1 fan I feel that a pilot, a driver like Senna only appears once. This means that we will never again see someone like him in motor racing.

In nine days time it will complete nine years of his death and still I look for a hero. Senna was not only Brazilian, like me. Senna was not only born in the same town, as me. Senna was a citizen of the world. Senna was the only citizen of the world. There will be nobody like him in any sports.
Senna, espero que você descanse em paz onde estiver. Você sempre será lembrado como um grande brasileiro, um grande paulistano e um grande corinthiano.



Hi, I am from Brasil, and I'm surprised with this Ayrton Senna site as it is full of Senna archives. To see this, make me sad but happy at the same time, because Ayrton Senna left us too soon. And this lost is irreplaceable to Brasil and to all the world. We, with good hearts, are more alone in the earth, day-by-day.

Thanks for the tribute to Senna
Bye my friends.


I still miss Ayrton Senna! I ALWAYS will... I hope to come to Brasil some day and sit and visit with him. The face, the hair, he will be 34 years old forever. TIMELESS!

One thing I hope for. People seem to want to avoid the photos of his brief "Williams" era. They the love Lotus and McLaren photos. But to me, I will FOREVER see him in that Blue and White Williams driver suit. Those colors went BEST with the color of his helmet. And his Williams-era helmet design was my all-time FAVORITE! SOMEDAY, I HOPE there will be a book, that collects as MANY of his Williams-era photos as can be found. I KNOW there MUST be a LOT! I KNOW there are all "out there", we just never see them. Put them ALL in a book and call it: "Ayrton Senna....A Brief Moment in Time". He's gone now. We MUST cherish EVERY moment of his F1 life, and his WHOLE life.....PERIOD!


I had the pleasure of having a personalised autograph from Ayrton Senna himself right after he won his first World Championship in 1988. At that time he was in Melbourne waiting to catch a flight back to Brazil from Adelaide but it was my cousin and my sister who got his autograph for me. They recognised him and bought a F1 magazine for him to autograph which he carefully turned the page until he saw his own photo and signed on it. I went to my first GP in Adelaide 1990 and was very excited because Senna's car was the first I saw passing me while I walked onto the track. The man has touched our lives in different ways.

About the accident, I say that a driver of Senna's skill and experience make no mistakes (Not driver error). For me the truth about what happened on 1st May 1994 is not important. The accident has claimed the life of the greatest driver Formula One has ever seen and we should just remember that he died doing what he does best... being first/leading the race.

I don't care how many races Schumacher has won or how many championships he has, if Senna was around he would whip his ass. Formula One has not been interesting for me anymore since that day. I really miss not seeing the famous Yellow Helmet. I guess if Senna were alive today, he would have been retired by now but nevertheless it would have stopped Schumacher from winning so many races.

Ayrton Senna will live long in our memories and I will tell my children and grandchildren about the greatest Formula One driver of all time.


Ayrton - Simply the Best forever! F1 was much different because HE was the difference. Ayrton we never forget you...

Angelo from Italy.

Ayrton is still the fastest formula 1 driver ever. He realised 63 pole positions in 10 years time. With the heavy concurrence of Prost, Mansell, Piquet and at the end Schumacher!!! This is a really amazing record and I don't think it will be broken. It's a shame that Ayrton is dead.


I just wanted to thank you for providing this fantastic Senna site. I'm sure Ayrton is looking down on you thanking you. ;)

I live in Australia and was 10 years old when the accident occurred. I grew up with Senna and never missed a race. He really was in a league of his own. I saw the accident live on TV and my heart stopped... Murray Walker screaming "SENNA, I don't know what happened there!" will stay in my mind forever. Seeing Senna slumped to the side in the car was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Racing will never be the same again.

Thanks again for the great site!!



It has been nine years now and I still miss the yellow helmet, the magic, it is gone!! Like Murray Walker said: There has nor ever will be anyone to compare with Ayrton Senna.


My Hero, always and forever. I will never, never forget you. Your spirit lives on in me. Forever in my heart and thoughts.


In my opinion Ayrton Senna was a super talented and totally dedicated to his profession that he gave up his marriage in his early stages of his career just for the love of going racing. Yes a lot of people will say that you have got Schumacher, Prost and Fangio who can all claim this distinction but to be honest with them being great drivers but Senna outshines them all. Ayrton was a natural driver who wasn't only super quick but was a genius behind the wheel, making a relatively poor car into a potentially race winner and that doesn't happen anymore, furthermore Ayrton drove at a time when the cars had manual hand shift gear changes, which made them harder to control and handle. If anyone saw the European GP in 1993 from Donington Park then that will answer all doubters out there. Senna was Simply the Greatest!


Senna Rules Still! Truly NO DOUBT about it!

Ville (Finland)

I'm a big Senna fan! And I cried, when Senna has lost his life. But one thing is true: IN OUR HEARTS AYRTON SENNA DA SILVA LIVES FOREVER! Best driver forever


Hello! I am a 19 years old amateur go-cart driver here in Russia. So I am really proud, cause I have ever seen Senna. I have seen his racing. His wonderful driving took a big influence into my driving style - powerful, aggressive, quick and wise. Every time when I go racing I pray to Ayrton and then I feel his help while driving. In my first ever go-cart race I took the 2nd place. That was the great result for myself. But anyways there is a lot of work to be done. So and after I finished I have made a lap waving the Brazilian flag. I always have the Brazilian flag in my pocket. On the last lap of the race the tears came into my eyes. I remembered him and thought, that he looks down at me from the skies and smiles. I still feel his support from there. I dedicate my first ever success in motor-racing to Ayrton Senna da Silva. There is no racing driver like Ayrton. Our hearts are screaming about him. It's a tremendous loss.


I am not big on conspiracy, but do really miss Senna´s talent on display. Whatever happened, whoever is responsible, it is just not important to me now. Nothing can erase the man´s achievements or talent, or how he thrilled everyone with his drive and skill...

Possibly, he died in the best possible way, doing something he loved, and still at the top of his talents. Everybody hails MS (Schumacher), and I do not doubt the man´s talent, but he is no Senna. Recall Senna and Mansell at Monaco. Are there two drivers today who could match those last few laps without "mishap"?

A bump, a crack, who knows? Anyone who loves racing knows Senna´s talent, and respects it. Is that so bad an end to a driver´s life? Tragic, yes. My wife still does not understand why I was so shaken, drivers die, but Senna? It was unthinkable! How will I explain to my young son who Senna was and what he did on the track... I will show him videos of amazing talent and hope he understands that the man died in F1. The way he raced.

PS. Well done site, in good taste, and most of all, respectful of a great man´s memory.



Ayrton Senna was best racing driver there has ever been on earth! We all lost a piece of us, I was very sad about Senna’s death. Only because of a failure of the car and the will to participate in that “race of death".


I became a fan or Ayrton when I was 4 years old, in 1978. I remember that time, as my father took me to the World Championship of Go-Kart that was taking place in Le Mans, the town where I live. I was young, but I still remember the voice of the speaker saying that there was a great and fantastic young Brazilian driver on the track, called Ayrton Senna. He finished at the second place that time, as he got some engine problems two laps before the end of the race.

From that moment in my life, I started to be a fan of Ayrton. I followed up all his career in the different categories of sport cars until Formula 1. When he reached the final top, I was hardly believing that he would beat the record of Juan Manuel Fangio, who also recognised that Ayrton was the greatest driver he had ever met. I never thought that he could meet such a tragic end. I never believed that his way to successes could be stopped within one second.

If I had the possibility to do only one and unique wish, if a fairy could give me one day this opportunity, then I would say "just let the Champion come back on the track". There is no day when I do not have a thought for Ayrton. He represents all my childhood and my adolescence, and his death was the most terrible thing that ever happened in my life until now. I just felt broken when I heard he was dead.
Now, 8 years, after this tragic accident, I still cry when I hear about him. I do not think that a driver can replace Ayrton within his fans' hearts. May he rest in peace.

There are two sentences I will always remember and that I try to follow:

"So many things have gone through my mind. I am a professional, I have a responsibility and I am also a human being. And the values I have in my life are stronger than any other people desire to influence or to destroy those values"."Sometimes you think you have a limit and you try to touch this limit and you do the better to reach this limit. As soon as you touch this limit, something happens in you that tells you can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct and your experience as well, you can fly very high".

Ayrton, may your soul rest in peace.


We are two brothers from Greece. My brother, 35 year old and I, 29 years old. We were, are and always be Ayrton's fans. He IS the best driver ever lived in this world and nobody will ever approach his talent. We feel it's like yesterday that Ayrton was driving around the circuits... Now he is driving in heaven...

The answer to the question 'Why?' was never given although we all understand who are responsible .... We are still fans of F1 racing but nothing is the same after 1st May 1994 when Ayrton became immortal.. That day will be never forgotten. We both had the 'luck' not to watch live the racing and the accident. Next morning, when I heard about it I called my brother. We refused to accept it.. It took a long time to believe that we would never see Ayrton racing again. Until now, whenever we talk about HIM, we can hardly keep our voice not to tremble and still waiting, in every racing, to see him AGAIN in pole position..
Thank you Ayrton...


Formula 1 is my life, but it is unfortunate that it has only been so for the last few years - I never saw the greatest F1 Driver of all times in action. He is Ayrton Senna da Silva!

Luckily, there is someone whose racing style resembles that of Senna, and that is Juan Pablo Montoya! Senna was Montoya's hero as a child. Almost every article or magazine I read about F1 has something about the Great Senna - but I never got to see him. Long live the memory of Ayrton Senna!


For me is Ayrton Senna da Silva the best motorsport driver for ever. First I've seen him in 1981 in Nivelles, Karting W.C. Later at the Karting E.C. I was able to drive in the same race as Ayrton at Kerpen-Manheim as a German private international karting driver . He in one of the first positions and myself in the the back of the grid, but I was really proud to be in this race. At this event I was able to speak to him. Later I studied and then married my wife.

Ayrton was not only the best in driving, for sure he was the best in social mental thinking. I`m a really pure fan of this good guy, there is nobody better as him.


I have noticed in the video clip of Senna's last moments on-board his car that the engine cuts and then the wheel just moves straight. While on TV the wheel on the other side is still turning to the left then Senna goes straight on. The next thing that I find is would not Senna of found that his car was handling badly? And why does the video cut just 1.4 seconds before impact? Did someone cut the last second of the video because of evidence? And why did nobody ever hear the radio transmissions between Senna and Williams? Senna you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you


The sun has gone down. Magic is gone. But always when we watch a race, a huge Yellow helmet is watching from above. Magic means love. We all love Magic. Magic lives!


After watching the on board video of Senna's crash what struck me was the movement of his helmet to the left side of the car. This seems to indicate a sudden change in the G forces acting upon him.What would cause this? Next time you get in a car, put your hands on the wheel and simulate making a left turn, then release your grip (A pretty fair reconstruction of a column failure). Which direction is your body thrown? Also a recent TV programme spoke of the car bottoming out. If this was the case why did the car wait until it was half way around a flat out corner to do so? Somehow it all just doesn't add up.

Don't worry Ayrton, one day the truth will be known!


Being an F1 follower of Senna and having the privilege of owning one of his racing cars, l am so angry and shocked that there seems to be no concrete evidence to link Williams-Renault to this fatal crash. I am appalled that people can infer that Ayrton's life-end was one of his own doing, whilst others can continue with no black mark against them, And all because of the money at stake and F1's credibility.

Interestingly on the video footage that you supply on your site, it shows his helmet veering to the left of his body when the car begins to veer towards the Tamburello wall. This, l presume would be consistent with the reflexes that one's brain would tell the body to do if one was trying to 'correct' the car.

Whilst Senna may have been killed by the tyre, the fact that he was killed on the track and that this fact was concealed to allow the continuation of the race was disrespectful. Schumacher's smiling and champagne explosion on the podium became the very moment that l began to dislike him. It was at that point he failed to ever exist as a 'great' driver in my eyes.

Ayrton Senna was more than an amazingly skilled driver. He was l believe, an incredibly impressive human-being, a true man full of passion and a total speed freak. These are the reasons l have his car on my wall and why l look at it every day and remember his 'aliveness' with fondness, have nothing but total respect for the man even in death and will always admire his skills above all other drivers of his day and of today.
Enough said!

A smitten fan,

Lara Jan

My name is Herman, I am a 16 year old South African and my interest in motor sport started only a few months ago after watching the 2001 German GP. I have since became a huge enthusiast of Formula 1. Although I didn't watch Grand Prix in the late '80 and early '90, I know a lot about Ayrton Senna da Silva. With less than two weeks ago until the San Marino Grand Prix, I feel sad because I never saw the great AYRTON in action.

I read every book and article I can get on Ayrton, but it just isn't the same. I hope Ayrton will remain in the memories and the hearts of all his fans! Long live the memory of AYRTON SENNA Da SILVA


I just can't believe that Ayrton Senna the legend is dead...I was six year old when he died! I watched Grand Prix of Imola that day...when I heard that Senna is dead I start to cry...cry...

No one can be like him!!!

I'm also a cart driver in my country in Yugoslavia, and before each race I kiss the Brasilian flag with a Senna on it... That gives me to believe in victory !

And one time again God bless you Senna!


It is really strange that the thought that Nick had at 15/06/2001 and what Sean believes, is exactly the same I had a while ago. This thought (bullet), is enforced by the fact that the material of the visor of the helmet is transparent polymer (plastic). If it was the strut to penetrate the visor, then it would have definitely left white shadow around the hole. This happens because the polymers have plastic properties, which allows the deformation of the material before shear. Of course the degree of deformation depends on the polymer (brittle, ductile). That means, the the strut, before hitting the Senna's right forehead, should leave its marks at the visor of the helmet as white marks around the hole.

Further more the weight of the wheel plus the strut plus the force of impact, would possibly tear the visor at the exit from the helmet, if not ripping the visor out from the helmet, by braking its supports at the sides of it.. Instead the parts exit the helmet exactly from the same point they entered, leaving just the hole, with no tear marks around it. Is this just a coincidence? The strut hit the face of the driver and bounced out as it entered? Was the diameter of the hole measured to be compared with the diameter of the strut? Furthermore, a bullet could create a hole larger than it's diameter, because at the point of impact with the polymer, would melt it, due to very high speed, rather than stretching it. This "melting" of the polymer does not leave any white marks around he hole.

Can anyone see any isometric marks around the hole? Note that the white which can be seen at the picture is the shining of the flash because it follows the curvature of the helmet, and this is clear from the fact that the letter E is shining as well. Furthermore, did the forensic engineers find blood traces at the strut, which hypothetically hit Senna's head? Also, from the picture, why the inside right hand side of the helmet does not have blood marks, although that the head of the driver felt on the right after the accident? I cannot answer those questions, as II cannot answer a dozen more that I have, but I wonder why those who can, because some people know, don't!

Nevertheless, this "bullet" theory is rather impossible, since I can't even imagine how difficult is to hit with a weapon that area, from a considerable distance, with all those vibrations of the car, at that certain time. But finally, why they do not tell us what really happened?

This what I know is that Ayrton Senna is still an inspiration for all of us, and nothing can bring him back. Only memories and our efforts to be the best on what we do.


I'm writing to you from France just to say that today I was in Monaco for the qualifying practice session. I'm 30 years old and every time I see Formula 1 I always think of Ayrton who was the best driver of this century and a model for all people.


In my opinion Ayrton Senna was a super talented and totally dedicated to his profession that he gave up his marriage in his early stages of his career just for the love of going racing. Yes a lot of people will say that you have got Schumacher, Prost and Fangio who can all claim this distinction but to be honest they are great drivers but Senna outshines them all. Ayrton was a natural driver who wasn't only super quick but was a genius behind the wheel, making a relatively poor car into a potential race winner and that doesn't happen anymore. Furthermore Ayrton drove at a time when the cars had manual hand shift gear changes, which made them harder to control and handle. If anyone saw the European GP in 1993 from Donington Park then that will answer all doubters out there.

Senna was Simply the Greatest.



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