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Imola 2004 celebrations


Donington TributeOn June 21-22 2003 the largest ever collection of Ayrton Senna's Formula One cars will be assembled at Donington Park. These will include the Williams FW08C in which Senna did his first F1 test at the Donington circuit back in 1983, and the Toleman in which he raced his first F1 season. In brief, the whole event is intended to commemorate Ayrton Senna's sensational and dramatic victory in the 1993 European Grand Prix, the only post-war Grand Prix, so far held at Donington Park. Many will remember Senna's prowess in the pouring rain driving the McLaren MP4/8 -- arguably the drive of his career. The overall scenario comprises of a two-day race meeting on the Donington Park circuit featuring vintage and historic races, plus (subject to confirmation) an exhibition of some of Senna's trophies / overalls, memorabilia etc.

In the Donington Grand Prix Collection: Leading motorsport photographer Keith Sutton's personal display of Ayrton Senna images, never before shown in the UK.

Original paintings by members of the Guild of Motoring Artists

Amongst items on sale/display will be a limited edition commemorative badge, and a matched pair of specially produced posters.

Saturday evening: A Celebration Dinner Party and Charity Auction will be held in the Donington Grand Prix Collection hosted by motorsport commentator and journalist Simon Taylor. Special guests Prof Sid Watkins (FIA Medical Delegate and personal friend of Ayrton Senna) together with Murray Walker. The dinner will raise funds for the NSPCC.

Presentation of the Tom Wheatcroft Trophy to the 'Prof' by current holder Murray Walker.

Further information available from VSCC and Donington


Homeward Bound

March 14 2002 (Bologna) - The Williams-Renault FW16B in which the unforgettable Ayrton Senna da Silva lost his life has now been released to Williams Grand Prix Engineering by the Italian magistrature. Ayrton Senna died at 14.17 on May 1 1994 after his car veered of the circuit, during the San Marino GP, and crashed into a concrete wall.

Senna's Williams homeward bound williams coverstart of the journeywreck returns to Grove


A star named Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna da Silva - one of the greatest racing drivers of all time - lost his life at Imola on May 1 1994. However, he was always a man of such extraordinary talent and character that his legacy lives on, not only in the memories of those who witnessed his talent on the track, but as an example to young people around the world, of dedication, compassion and integrity.

A Star named Ayrton SennaNow you can enjoy the most comprehensive film ever made about Brazil's beloved 'son' in a full official tribute to his life and career.

This video is based on two films covering his life right up until Imola in May 1994, plus subsequent reminiscences and personal insights from his family, friends, colleagues, rivals, mentors, teammates and managers. Much of the programme was recorded at his personal 'paradise' - the glorious Angra dos Reis.

It also covers the principles of his life embodied in the Ayrton Senna Foundation. Senna reveals, in his own words, his meticulous professional approach, his tactics for achieving mental and physical fitness, his thoughts on the nature of competition, on his country and the price of fame, on the risks of the sport, his deep faith, the controversial moments and the deep family values that guided him throughout his life.

Imola '94 Senna in-car video

We have received many e-mails regarding the above. Senna's in-car camera stopped working, according to official sources, 1.4 seconds before impact.

The car is still on the track when the video ends. Therefore the most important evidence which would have contributed towards an understanding of the crash is missing.

Imola and Senna's last lap is featured in the video:

FIA Season Review of 1994

This video should be available from most motorsport outlets.

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