At Tamburello, on the concrete area before the wall, there was a long score mark made by a metal part being dragged forcibly along.

Michael Schumacher, who was following Senna, said after the race:

"Senna lost it" and has since implied that the crash was not caused by steering failure.

Keke Rosberg said at the time of the tragedy:

"It was never a place where a driver, yet alone Ayrton Senna, would go off because of a mistake."


Adolpho Melchionda, a member of the official investigative team was quoted as saying:

"The computer in Senna's Williams which held the data we needed was removed from the car after the accident and smashed."

"When it was returned to us one month later it was useless. Every expert on the investigating team knows how the accident happened, but no one is talking. Some are afraid for their lives."


Pierluigi Martini testifying at the fifth session of the Senna trial on March 12 said:

"The Tamburello curve could have caused problems only to a car with problems."

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