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Senna trial verdict

Senna trial judge, Antonio Costanzo, has cited the reason for Ayrton Senna's crash at the 1994 San Marino GP to be the breaking of the 'modified' steering column fitted to his Williams-Renault FW16B.

In a 381 page report published on June 15 1998 (six months after the verdict) the Italian judge has stated that without that condition Ayrton Senna's car would not have left the track at the Tamburello bend. The chief prosecutor, Maurizio Passarini could now appeal against the judge's decision to find the defendants 'Not Guilty'.

Since the tragedy of May 1 1994 many people have wanted to know the truth about the crash: What really happened? Was it 'just a racing accident' or did (as some people insinuate) 'Ayrton Senna contribute to his own death through his own inadequacies'?

Senna: Not guilty

After four long years of supposition, rumour, protests and investigative procedures, the judgment has finally been declared. During that time detailed reports of the Senna Investigation by the English-speaking media were negligible, if not non-existent. Surely the time has now come for the full facts surrounding Ayrton Senna's tragic death to be made public.

Ayrton Senna da Silva was the most talented and honest Formula One driver the sport will probably ever know and he surely deserved better ...

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